Most bras stretch and wear out over the course of six months. Inspiration came from the last time I put on a new bra and somehow miraculously punched myself in the face. If I, an able bodied person, struggle with pulling on and adjusting a bra, how much more difficult is it for someone with mobility issues?

What it does

Using four small servos directed by an Arduino, it pulls the loose fitting band and straps of the bra tight around the bust and shoulders. It stops currently at preset measurements.

How We built it

It was built by designing the basic shape of the bra and then designing around the space that was needed to conceal and hold the electronic pieces while still maintaining fashionable design and function. Within the wings there is elastic to help hold the bra to the form and a tube of fabric closed by velcro to house wires and servos around the bottom.

Challenges We ran into

Solidifying the form of the bra into something fashionable without a pattern or proper cups, faulty parts, and miscommunication. The cups of the bra were made from repurposed shoulder pads.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Creation of a working bra that adjusts itself without the use of difficult buckles that are tight and difficult to adjust and the ability to have a bra that does not require a clasp to be secured to the body.

What We learned

Collaboration between Fashion, Products and Tech is difficult as none of us speak the same language. Each has their own jargon and ability to communicate and collaborate. We learned to work together and create the best possible product.

What's next for Dragonscale Self-Fitting Bra

The addition of waterproof circuitry, using smaller motors for greater ability to adjust over greater differences in size, and using actual patterns and cups for the bra rather than improvising, and using a pressure sensor for automatic tightening and loosening of the bra.

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