As time progresses devices are at higher risks of advanced attacks that end up implicating important private information and data. The prime targets of these attacks are user accounts and passwords which usually allows access to volatile services such as our bank accounts or trading accounts!

What it does

DragonLock is an advanced hardware password bank that generates and stores strong passwords to keep you safe and secure in our modern web exposed lives! Private keys are never exposed to your computer and the hardware is immune to computer viruses. How it works is that the hardware wallet is carried with the individual who can authenticate on it through multiple different authentication methods and then access their passwords.

How I built it

We utilized the excellent Qualcomm DragonBoard 410C for IoT and Hardware capabilities with on board eMMC and processing to store our passwords effectively and allow us to ensure that the wallet remains with the person it belongs to. Additionally we utilized Stdlib Apis among many to ensure security!

Challenges I ran into

The hardest challenge our team ran into was deciding the password encryption system to keep it completely secure even in the case that the hardware falls into the wrong hands. It took us a while to completely figure out the security system

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to get through all the hardware challenges without a single multimeter which was quite the achievement for us!

What I learned

We have learnt that for hardware you should always bring your electronics kits. Boy is troubleshooting hard without a multimeter!

What's next for DragonSafe

Our prototype has exceeded our exceptions, we're securely and successfully storing passwords and retrieving them properly. Our team has a whole line of features we are very excited to implement advanced features, including multi-factor authentication based on biometrics, voice recognition, and 3D facial recognition.

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