We wanted to create an application that would help guide new students into a better experience at UAB, by helping them get started with a checklist and connecting them to others who share similar interests. We understand there are outlets for this already, however we wanted one place to combine them all for ease of use and access.

What it does

The app will let the user create an account, log in and get started with their school checklist and connect them with those who have also used the app to find people willing to be friends or potentially mentors for guidance.

How we built it

Using python via Canopy IDE.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of knowledge, as we are beginning coding students and discovering how to tackle larger problems with what we know.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It runs as intended, though not to the full extent we had initially imaged.

What we learned

Much about dictionaries, much about collaboration and working through frustrations with our first large coding project.

What's next for Dragons Den

Adding more functionality and having an event application build in that will take events from UAB's calendar to show in our app, which would be a simple click to sign up for and set reminders of these events. In this way we would be helping off campus students be aware and engaged with what's happening on campus.

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