An android application to create or join treasure hunts with your friends. Successfully completing challenges awards your team with points to help ypu climb the leaderboard. Making a popular challenge will mean your challenge climb to the top of the search results and help you earn name recognition.

Premium edition

Dissapointed your challenges aren't doing as well as you expected? Having trouble finding any treasure with your team? Purchase the premium edition now and gain access to 1 daily boost which will send you challenge to the top of the search results for an hour and 10 daily clues which will give you location hints for exisiting challenges, giving your team a head-start in every challenge.

Founder's Bonus

Users who sign up withing the first week of the app releasing and login for 7 consecutive days will also earn a shiny new Dragon's badge to add to thier profile.


How do I claim my bonus?

Users who sign up in the first week and login for 7 consective days will automatically recieve a badge on thier profile.

What are the minimum system requirements?

You must have an android 4.4 or higher to be able to run this app.

How do I download this app?

Go to the release folder and download the apk. Make sure "allow installs from unknown sources" is switched off.

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