Many Asian families use gas stoves with the poor safety equipment, if any. This leads to hundreds of accidental explosions each year, which broadly raises high concern. We developed a gas leakage detection system, ready to hit the household and enterprise market, and we names it LeakBuster. It is a system to detect, identify, and alert the user if it detects any leaked gas.

We create LeakBuster with three main components: a household gas detector, an online interface for the authorities, and a drone. The household gas detector uses an MQ-2 sensor to detect Propane, Butane and LPG levels in the environment. If it senses a leakage, a notification is sent to the user's phone and the fire department is immediately informed. A report with the user's details, address and location goes to a central database. Authorities in the Fire Department can access this data from an intuitive web interface, which lets them know active and past (resolved) reports. Also, a map is available which marks all reports, and marks the severity of the issue with different colors. The last component is the drone, which patrols a fixed path and checks for gas leaks. This drone can be deployed in factories and underground tunnels, in large open areas where the risk of gas leaks is high.

Overall, LeakBuster is a project potentially saving thousands of lives, in the household and the enterprise.

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