Where did this idea come from?

The idea was inspired by Drexel Alert. We wanted to make the better user experience for Drexel students to avoid crimes around Drexel areas especially for freshman who still not familiar with Drexel campus.

How did you do it?

We were trying to combine our ideas with the challenges that have been provided. The Google cloud workshop helped us so much to brainstorm our project.

What did you use?

We use node js for the backend server and HTML, CSS, and javascript for the front-end. We also use google map API to show the location using latitude and longitude to mark the map and display the radius. We deploy our project to google cloud using app-engine and store the data into google fire-store.

Accomplishments that your team is proud of?

This our first time using google cloud service for our project, so we have to read a lot of documentation and ask questions to use the services that we want to use. We are using several of the Google cloud services for our project and we are proud to have most of them working in our project.

What did you learn during this Hackathon?

We learned a lot about Google cloud technologies.

What's next for your team and project?

We would like to add React.js to our project and implement login page for administrators

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