Inspiration: To simplify and streamline research for students.

How it works: Pulls facts from numerous sources. Uses a page rank like algorithm to figure out the accuracy. Displays the most accurate and relevant facts. Doesn't display websites, displays facts.

Challenges I ran into: Importing a synonym dictionary to analyze the text so they can easily be compared. Then, not just ranking comparison based on the overlap of the words but also using other variables to lessen inaccuracies.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Winning second place at the Developer Week hackathon with this project (that's where it was founded).

What I learned: What's just as important as making the code work, is making sure the front end is clear and usable. We worked a lot on the UI to make sure all the features we wanted for displayed in an easy to use and understand way.

What's next for Dragonfly: We hope to officially launch Dragonfly so anyone can use it.

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