I'm really like blockchain crypto fungible games but sometimes it is too expensive to rush transactions without any plan to do it. That's why I decided to implement some offchain tool for breeding analytics for dragonereum.

What it does

This tool gets IDes of parent dragons and forecasting the probabilities of child dragon rare body parts.

How I built it

I've got genomes of dragons from smart contracts, parse it and calculate probabilities of rare body parts of a child dragon.

Challenges I ran into

First, this is genetics. I explored some biology articles to understand how it exactly works. The second one it's the whitepaper for understanding how genetics works exactly in that game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really proud of the result and potential of this project. Now I can develop a strategy of the shortest way to the perfect dragon with the awesome collect scores and avoid spending gas for transactions. Also, the game became more interesting with understanding how it works.

What I learned

Genetics in dragonereum

What's next for Dragonereum breeder

The next is algorithms to short ways for the perfect dragon from resources you already have. And more tools for other good games in ethereum and so on.

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