Hello! I’m Nikita. I develop a game, which will get many opportunities for gamer. I want to make the game, which will use maximum advantages of virtual reality. Action part of the game will flying. The player will fly on a dragon.

What else can the dragon? He certainly can cry: belch fire, transform people to ice, call meteors and thunderstorm etc. Also some cries will form combo. This is necessary in order to diversify the game and motivate player to use different cries. However, player will have not all accessible cries right from the start. He will must open them in process of the game. Before describing open process, I need to describe the control.

Player will control the dragon by speech commands. For example, if player say “Fire”, then the dragon will belch fire. I think to make navigation of dragon also due speech commands. I will not create new dragon language, I will use English. So, in order to open new cries, the player must guess right the command. Now, I added cry “Fire” and 4 cries, which are necessary for comfortable control.

I believe that speech control is just that is necessary for virtual reality, because habitual control through mouse and keyboard or joystick is very uncomfortable because of player doesn’t see them. So just experienced gamer, how remembers all keys on your controller, can simply control the game.

The gameplay will not have subject most probably. There will open world or rogue like levels (many limited auto-generated levels). I will watch productivity and decide. UPD: There will rogue like levels.

Next, what’s about graphic? I’m going to make 3d-models in lowpoly style. Also I need to make the beautiful effects, but I don’t know how to do this, unfortunately, but this does not matter. Probably, I will download them in Unity Assets (MagicEffectsPackFree, SimpleParticlePack …). Now, I didn’t make models, so I cannot unfortunately still show good screenshots.

I certainly want to make many different features, but I don’t have time to do them to end of hackathon by my count, so I will do them after competition. Here are the features: fully magic system (as in Magicka) with lots of cries, genetic adaptability of people or using defense devices (also to motivate players to spell different cries) and achievements (it’s classic).

Thank you for your kind attention.

P.S.: Sorry for my English skills.

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