Dragonboards are provided by MLH at most hackathons. Are they good for anything?

What it does

It should light up the light strip, but the dragonboard has easy capabilities for wifi and bluetooth so a lot more mobile controls could be added.

How I built it

first I looked up the dragon board start guide, then how to SPI with the dragonboard. X Then I found out SPI is v difficult set up because the guide doesn't work, it references files that don't exist.

Challenges I ran into

The dragon board is really really slow.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned more about how SPI works. Found out why people don't use dragonboards at other hackathons.

What I learned

I want to learn more about different communication protocols, like I2C and SPI.

What's next for Dragon lights

I can't even. I made a cute light game so there something to demo. The game is won by pressing and holding the button when the LED is lit. If you win there is a chime. If you press the button at the wrong time there is an obnoxious buzz.
try it out at the demo table!

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