In Romania we have the ZMEU - a fantastic creature which figures prominently in many Romanian folk tales as the manifestation of the destructive forces of greed and selfishness In Europe and worldwide ZMEU is better known as Dragon. Beliefs about dragons vary drastically by region … We want DragON to be a positive character who came to help us ..

Some of today challenges

Cyber threats are always trying to take advantage of different social situations like nowadays COVID 19 situation People are often directly exposed to cyber threats due to increased online activity, and COVID 19 situation drastically increased the need of remote working and technology dependency CyberSecurity products help a lot but people cyber security culture should constantly be increased by awareness activities A particular subject for awareness and improve in people online hygiene could be the FAKE NEWS problem which in last years had a BIG social impact. People should be more critical thinking regarding quality and validity of the media content.

What it does

Receive from people and institutions notifications about possible cyber security threats or Fake News Analysis of notified cyber security threats, possible Fake News content Research in the wild, monitoring known sources of misinformation, collaboration Reporting back to the contributors and increase awareness Promote data analysis field in sociology and journalistic domains, as a new necessary instrument for their work. Build together an ecosystem of reference promoted to people, to help them better respond when they are facing up cyber threats and exposure to fake news.

How I built it

Concept phase

Challenges I ran into

First step

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Designing a scalable collaboration platform for Cyber Threats and Fake News Data analysis Designing of a technical solution with social impact A large-scale design which could be implemented at E.U. level. Designing of a system with CSIRT functionalities which also treats FAKE NEWS problem by mapping/correlating cyber indicators (used virtual infrastructure).

What I learned

There is a lot to gain from cross domain knowledge sharing.

What's next for +DragON

From concept to development.

Built With

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