There are loads of PvP card games out there for mobile. But there's a missing market being repressed: cooperative card games.

These are the people who want to bond with their friends by fighting a common enemy rather than fighting their friends themselves. The people who are sick of being killed and betrayed at every point in multiplayer mobile games. The people who grew up playing trading card games.

This game, based in the world-renowned Dragon Age Universe, is for them. Nothing like it is on the market (and by the way, the market is huge!).

Some market statistics:

  • Trading Card Game Market: $1.17B
  • Hearthstone Active Players: 70M (only 10M in 2014)
  • Gwent Active Players: 200K

What it does

This will be a cooperative deck-building trading card game for mobile. You experience story-driven battles against the Darkspawn with your friends or random players cooperatively, sharing your special cards as you grow your own collection.

How we built it

We used Google Sprint ideation methods as well as design thinking with our target audience and value proposition. Mockups of game and gameplay were done with Blender, pitch and project results created with Google Slides, Sketch, Photoshop and Affinity Photo.

Challenges we ran into

Making our core loop clear and deciding game mechanics. No one in our group is an actual mobile gamer so we had to think about a game that attracts us and would make us play with our mobile phones. The process of choosing a game was daunting but we were able to agree on a suitable project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to come up with an idea that sets up a whole new category by combining existing, well-functioning resources with an innovative spin with the game play.

What we learned

  • Synergizing team members of different backgrounds
  • Viewing products from a multitude of perspectives
  • Marketing and monetization strategies for games
  • Competitive analysis landscape

What's next for Dragon Age Co-op PvE Card game

Lookin at you, EA ;)

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