We wanted to create a ERC-20 based token for micro transactions in Dapp.

What it does

We can make invoice payments in digitrace app using the ERC-20 token.

How we built it

We built it based on openzeppelin ERC20.sol. Deployed the contract in Kovan testnet and created liquidity pool in Uniswap for users to Swap Dragon token for Kovan-ETH

Challenges we ran into

Setting up liquidity pool Integrating invoice payments using Dragon into digitrace

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completion of token creation and E2E use case implementation of token in Dapp.

What we learned

ERC-20 based token creation, deploying contracts in testnet using Remix, adding liquidity pool in popular dex like Uniswap, integrating the created token into Dapp for real use case.

What's next for dragon

Upgrading Dragon into more safe and secure token based on implementation of advanced Solidity design patterns.

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