Project Name: D3 IDE (Drag-Drop-Deploy) Team Name: liddX Labs Team Member(s): ikalonji DevPostURL: Project Goal: Provide an simple developer experience for building custom smart contracts on with or without development or technical experience

** Inspiration**

To onboard more developers and non-developers to the Web3 ecosystem, we need to provide more tools for rapid development.

Currently most smart contract tools are based on template which do not provide the ability to fully deploy complex and non generic contracts to on Tron. We would like to see a change that's why we developed Drag-Drop-Deploy to make it easy for anyone to build and deploy a full smart contract on Tron

What it does

Drag-Drop-Deploy, allows people with or without experience to build and deploy fully customized (simple or complex) smart contracts to Tron by simply dragging components to the canvas and deploying when done. It's as simple as that!

Project Website: Project Test Instructions: Visit the live URL connect your wallet and start building. Project Details: Currently a basic MVP is functional however more complex operations are in development. Project Milestones:

  • By the end of the hackathon Drag-Drop-Deploy should have the following: [x] MVP [x] Handle and parse control statements [x] Deploy contracts on Aurora [x] Publicly available UI

** Hackathon Updates **

  • MVP has been completed
  • Control statements can be created and added to a contract
  • Contracts build successfully, however we need to catch errors for ill-structured contracts
  • Deploy is functioning.

** After the hackathon, we continue building the following features: [ ] Handle importing of other contracts. [ ] In app tuorials/guides for users that are new to SC and Blockchain [ ] Implement multichain deployment [ ] Improved UI/UX [ ] Pre-compile exception handling in the frontend.

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