Inspiration- We wanted to help people fix their time management issue and help them stay organized & make sure they don't procrastinate.

What it does- It creates a calendar and helps people assign events/programs through the use of a chatbot.

How we built it- We used java. We used Open LNP to analyze an input string.

Challenges we ran into- It was our first time using Java libraries, so we had difficulty setting it up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- We are proud of our chatbot, as it can distinguish between words that are important for the schedule vs. words that are not, and can assign them to the calendar. We're also proud of how we persevered through the many errors, and were able to

What we learned- We learned how to use libraries in java, make a chatbot, and combine all of our knowledge on coding to create this product. We also became more familiarized in Slack and Github, which are important collaboration tools.

What's next for Draft of Scheduling with Chatbot- Making sure there are no bugs in this draft, and want to create a finished final copy of our program. We also want to embed the code onto the website.

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