GO2 was created out of necessity to mitigate the air pollution crisis. Due to living in Vietnam, a country that is ranked 4th in terms of pollution-linked deaths, we wanted to make an app that can inspire people to change their lifestyles (such as reducing the use of motorbikes and cars) for the greater good.

What it does

Because climate change and air pollution are closely correlated due to carbon emission, we decided to exploit resources on carbon footprint calculation to report user's daily footprint, to help reduce emissions. This way, not only are we addressing air pollution, and the current pressing environmental crisis, climate change.

How we built it

We first came up with our UI design and prototyped it on Figma. With a clear image of what the app does and how it works, we then divide the apps into different components and replicate them using code; So, we can determine if the app can be made and properly used. For example, for the viewing and changing of pie charts based on the data given by users, we decided to code on Xcode using swift, and for the calculation of carbon footprint, we used java on CS50 IDE and Replit.

Challenges we ran into

With our minimal knowledge and skills in programming, it was hard to find a way to complete this project. So, we decided to divide the app into components and code it in each member’s fluent coding language, as the purpose of this code was to show how possible our idea can be made into an app was. With this method, we can also use our most comfortable and familiar language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of the accomplishments that we achieved in this short time was working together. Although it sounds simple, making sure we were on task and communicating clearly was hard, especially in a virtual environment. To be able to come this far is a worth-mentioning achievement itself.

What we learned

We learned how to create graphs in swift UI. We learned how to problem solve by resorting to alternative solutions when things don’t go my way such as when we can’t get user input as a double value therefore we improvised and revised so that our app will instead take values from us that we converted from the users.

What's next for GO2

Our next steps are to promote the app to as many users as possible through the means of social media like instagram. Once we have enough users we will incorporate environmental messages in the adds to raise awareness of carbon emissions.

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