My dad! He is constantly pushing me to think outside the box and stay curious. This hackathon gave us an opportunity to work together with the goal of helping others!

What it does

The app starts with the question 'How are you feeling?', and then listens and records what you say in chronological order. It is best to be brief with your statements or even use single words.

For now the app produces the following summary prior to hearing the word "Done":

  • List of words given
  • Identifies the words of interest. In the context of COVID-19, example words of interest are: cough, fever, headache, ect.
  • Visualization of key words in time
  • Visualization of word frequencies.
  • Potential to map out common words based on geographic area.
  • Stores summary in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

How it was built

Pulled together Python script from various public resources.

Challenges I ran into

Not being an expert in Python, relying on my dad and Google to relieve some of that stress.

What I learned

That you do not need to be a hardcore engineer to create a concept for something great. Being resourceful has helped me not get overwhelmed by things that seem over my head.

What's next for Dr. You

Opportunity is abundant. As far as moving it from its prototype stage, we will need more resources to do that. The whole point is that we can leverage simple technology to provide great insights. In this case for example, we can find how many people are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms by simply asking them how they are feeling.

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