Due to Covid19 many of the doctors stop seeing the patients for their own safety while many of them check the patient over video conferencing and either way it does not help the patient to get the proper diagnosis and medicine for the disease they are facing.

What it does

It is a combination of E-Commerce and Health predictor which are made already and an appointment system for nearby hospitals. 1) E-commerce: This website collects the data from google and locates the nearby medicine stores which are in reach. A message is sent to the nearest shop for the availability of the particular medicine and if it is available the medicine is delivered between minutes to the customer based on the distance of the store and other traffic locations. Using Machine Learning product recommendation the products are recommended based on the past purchase.

2)Health Predictor: This is a part of the website which has where a person can predict his/her health condition and certain diseases through the Machine Learning Models. There are ML models for PIMA diabetes, Heart Disease Prediction, Breast Cancer Detection, COVID detection, Chest pain etc. and each of the models has an accuracy of around 95%.

3) It is now possible to do appointments by sitting at home to the nearest hospital. Just select the hospital you want to visit and there you go your appointment is done.

How I built it

I built the whole website using web technologies like reactJS, bootstrap, CSS, JS, etc. The ML models were made using python, Deep learning, and Neural Networks and deployed using FLASK

Built With

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