Knowledge is Power & it's great if it's passed on to people. Sometimes critical information that can save lives takes too long to reach people or patients causing needless harm.

What it does

This is a prototype of a simple app for people who are concerned about a heart attack or stroke. It recommends that people with high blood pressure (beyond a particular value) combined with headache and/or chest pain to go to the hospital/ER. The person could know whether he/she or a person he/she cares for has Hypertensive Emergency or Hypertensive Urgency simply by his own symptoms his/her Blood Pressure values.

Error checking prevents the user from inputting non-sensical numbers.

IBM Watson will allow both a more precise diagnosis and provide an opportunity for data mining. Watson improves on the simplistic algorithm by accounting for other factors, such as diabetes or family history. App usage data can help identify “deserts” of poor “awareness hygiene” where people aren’t keeping tabs on their own bodies’ vitals and symptoms.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

Need closer integration in conversational UI

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Simplicity of the App where layer of value can be added

What we learned

Huge potential that can save heart tissue, brain, and even lives.

What's next for Dr WatIE

Integrate location, automatic connection to hospitals, ambulance services, health information dispersal.

Built With

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