Tackling depression has become a huge challenge due to the increased levels of stress, work pressure, anxiety and the social stigma associated with it. An app which analyzes your voice pattern/modulations during your phone calls to perform a tone and emotion analysis can go a long way in helping deal with depression by suggesting steps that need to be taken

What it does

Dr.Voice is your friend in many ways! It analyzes the voice modulations and sentiment from your phone calls to find out more insights about personal mental health levels. When signs of depression/sorrow/loneliness are found, it suggests you different ways to handle them. It connects you with mental health specialists around your area who could help you deal with your problem. It also can send out tips/tricks/articles/music to lighten your mood. It can also help you connect with other people who are suffering from the same problem

How we built it

We used Tropo to make calls to a helpline which interacts with the user about his health by asking him certain questions. We get the transcript of the call which we use to perform a emotion/sentiment analysis to guage the mental health of the user. As we notice an alarming condition, we alert the user with a text message and notify him of the steps that need to be taken further

Challenges we ran into

Considerable amount of time has been put into ways to perform vocal speech analysis only to find out that there are no good methods of doing it. We then fell back to performing an analysis on the transcribed text.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Excited about the prospect of taking Dr.Voice forward

What we learned

What's next for Dr.Voice

Extending it to analyze the social media behavioural pattern of the user to better understand his health pattern and give more accurate results and eliminating the false positives.

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