There is a simple and powerful truth: investing is a skill that has a long lasting impact on our ability to reach the most important goals in our lives, from student loans to buying a house to retirement funds.

However, our education system doesn’t prepare us to make these daunting decisions. When we were teenagers, we felt finance was “complex, another mysterious “adult thing” that remotely relates to us. Higher tuition and less money available for financial aid are pushing more and more young people into debt even after years of working in the industry. According to Harvard Law School, about 110,000 youths under 25 filed for bankruptcy in 2017.

Investing shouldn’t just be a sophisticated tool played by the professionals. Investig should be a mindset that helps anyone to make better decisions in this world.

Let’s democratize finance.

What it does

We have designed Dr. Trade to simulate an interactive investing game that makes it simple and fun for teenagers to learn the most important skills of an intelligent investor:

  • A habit of following world news in the morning. Alarm clock UI design with voice control, seamlessly integrate learning to trade into user’s daily life
  • Communication skills are essential for traders. The hands-free UX design allows users to practice putting in orders and discussing news like traders do.
  • The best traders are the calm and persistent ones. Users need to wait until market close at 4pm to see daily profits and are encouraged to trade every day with the built-in reward system, including peer rankings and medals.
  • Traders learn from their mistakes. At the end of the day, Dr. Trade will reflect with the user what went well and what went wrong based on real market data.
  • A curious mind to connect the dots between news and stock performance.
  • Making tough decisions:
  • Users are only allowed to make one trade per day

How we built it

  • Machine learning with ASR, NLP, TTS (Action Google)
  • Interaction design > Conversation design (Dialogflow/Java) > UI/UX design
  • Portfolio analysis (BlackRock Aladdin/Python)
  • Live stock market data (Yahoo Finance/Python)
  • Speaker (Google Home Mini)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed not only to identify a true problem, but also to develop a unique and effective solution to address it. Inbetween, we grew as team players through synergy and delved into the Google Action platform and the ML behind it. Needless to say, that focusing on education, we are empowering the future generation to lead a prosperous life, as they now possess the financial literacy to be independent.

What we learned

By concentrating our efforts on the educational perspective of the project, our team discovered the inner-motivation and the vision that kept us pushing in the last few days and in the future.

What's next for Dr. Trade

We are hoping to further develop Dr. Trade and hopefully find product-market fit in the next few months, as it is a project deep embedded in the team’s values for world-change. Here’s what we plan to do in the next month:

  • Integrate Blackrock Aladdin with Dialogflow to automate portfolio snapshot
  • Install a 5 inch display to our MVP for portfolio snapshot and performance visualization
  • User research -- test out our MVP with high school students in the greater Philadelphia community


Education, Experiential Learning, Machine Learning, Interaction Design, UI/UX Design, Action Google, Blackrock, Portfolio Analysis, Financial Literacy

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