The problem

Some companies would like to use the current lockdown as an opportunity to adopt a full remote organization. But they are afraid by the possible risks: loss of productivity, bad communication, lost information, decreased sense of belonging, lower engagement. They believe in this change for their company, for the future, but they don't want to jeopardize their culture and they don't know how to safely manage this change and the culture impact. Our goal is to make remote work adoption fluid, to reduce risks and to enable a maximum of companies do the switch with peace and hope to improve resilience and business operations.

The solution

Interacting with all team members, Dr. Remote detects automatically issues inside the organization and provides the next actions to improve remote work efficiency step by step.

What we've done

We made some studies, researches and surveys on remote workers to identify all the issues that remote organizations face while transforming. We developed targeted questionnaires to identify issues early on and we collected more than 300 best practices from leading remote startups. Dr. Remote integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack to ask questions to team members, it automatically analyzes answers and identifies possible problems. Manager and his team can finally browse a list of possible solutions, select the most appropriate and see how applying it improve the results of the team.

What we have learnt during the hackathon

Great meetings with Giovannia Porcellana, Dominique Choisel, Rowena Hennigan, Cristina Mateo, Rudy Caspary

Great feedbacks also form Lorenzo Buoisi, Zuzana Harmincova, Michael Ambjorn, Diana Pottecher, Bora Cikikcioglu, Betty Fausta

What was challenged and produced:

  • value proposal
  • solution (features)
  • business model
  • market competitors
  • remote organizations models and remote culture
  • Beta testers
  • wireframes

We are so grateful to these awesome people and skill mentors for their effort and involvement.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Dr. Remote enables companies to continue to work from home with peace in mind, knowing that problems will be detected quickly and that teams will have a set of practices and solutions available to tackle it and make people enjoy working remotely.

The necessities in order to continue the project

We would like to onboard more beta testers on Dr. Remote but also continue the great exchanges we had with experts during those 2 days of hackthon to even more improve our solution.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

We are convinced remote work will continue to e heavily used by companies after the crisis. Indeed people who experienced working remotely for the first time discovered it was feasible, even if conditions were not optimal. Dr. Remote will continue to help companies to progress in the way they work and to make the experience of working remotely even better.

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