Mental health draws attention these days. As internet penetrates into our daily life, the negative contents on the website hugely impact on our moods and then our attitude towards the world and life imperceptibly. Especially to children who have little ability to tell what is correct and what is a twisted outlook towards life. However, it is almost impossible for parents to keep an eye on children all the time or protect them from extreme behavior and negative words from misanthropes. Therefore, we want to develop something to provide help information when the user is at the edge of desperation and prevent children and teenagers from negative information.

What it does

Because of the purpose, we chose to develop a Chrome plugin naturally. When enabled, the plugin will replace some extreme words, notify how negative the contents, provide contacts to professional help and offer a way for temporary relaxation. For parents, we set a lock to ensure the parents have supervision and control on what their children read, and record the history of negative websites and their degree.

Why owl

We chose the owl as our icon based on several reasons.

  1. The owl is the mascot of Rice.
  2. The owl has a keen sight and can be represented as supervision
  3. In the novel Harry Potter, the owls are pets of wizards. They have the ability to understand the feelings and the languages of human being.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have already stored some extremely sensitive words which would be detected and prohibited by DR.owl. What's more, user can choose whether they want to prohibit some words or not. For the words not included by system and user, we implement an automatic system to identify the sentimental trend of the contents.

What we learned

We learned to think in the perspective of those suffer from extreme thoughts and work with a team in a short time to finish a product as completely as possible.

What's next for Dr.owl

Implement Dr.owl on other platforms. Enrich what is recommended by Dr.owl. Improve the precision of our classifier.

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