SharkStudio Team Table #25 B


Rick and Morty TV Series.

What it does

A mad scientist, named Dr. Oppenveimer, discovered how the universes and time were born and he wants to destroy it. There are a few pieces of shards, consisted of quantum crystals, that keep the universe bound together. They are told to be the answer for everything. Dr. Oppenveimer's plan is to teleport from planet to planet from different multiverses in order to collect these shards so that he could merge together and release the chaos, the end of the universe, the life itself.

How we built it

The game was made by using the Unity3D engine, Blender and some research on the internet. All the code was written in C# language with Unity API.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't have a game designer so we had to do some of the 3D modelling by ourselves and also, due to the lack of time, we had to take some free models from the internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What I learned

We learned to use Blender.

What's next for Dr. Oppenveimer

Built With

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