New laws, court cases and legal research articles are published every day, and it is essential for lawyers to be informed about those changes in the law at all times. However, they have little time to search through all legal information portals to look for changes. That is why today's modern lawyers rely on Dr. Law. – Your Daily Cup of Law.

What it does

Dr. Law is a dashboard that searches through various law portals for important legal changes in real-time. The following three areas are considered: 1) Changes in laws: Dr. Law provides you with an overview of law revisions and an intuitive visual tool to show you how specific paragraphs have changed compared to the previous version. 2) Changes in court interpretations: Dr. Law tracks new court decisions according to your topics of interest. 3) Publication news: Dr. Law searches various online law portals for publications on specific keywords of your choice.

The individual links to change reports can be sent directly via email to interested colleagues. In addition, particularly important reports can be marked as favorites.

Extra challenge

As an additional feature, Dr. Law assists legal professionals with an insightful billing analytics tool. This tool is especially tailored towards lawyers' needs for a better overview on their billing structure and a more efficient pricing scheme.

How we built it

Using information aggregation algorithms (Python) and intuitive visualizations (Javascript), we automatically track and display legal changes. Our sophisticated algorithms pull in a broad variety of data sources to track changes in various sources of Swiss law. This feature could be compared to a GitHub's versioning environment.

Challenges we ran into

On the technical side, applying scraping algorithms on laws and legal databases was not a trivial task as well as visualizing and presenting our findings in a simple yet intuitive manner. Additionally, narrowing down our pool of ideas into a coherent storyline which appeals to lawyers was not a simple task. Moreover, we did not manage on time to put our back-end services on the cloud. However, our MVP is fully functional on a regular computer, and can be accessed through the internet.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Forming a cross-functional team and delivering a proof of concept that provides customer value by facilitating the daily work of lawyers. Aggregating related legal information sources, and putting together in a comprehensive structured dashboard. Due to the close interaction with legal experts both within our team and at early feedback at the hackathon, we were able to quickly tailor our approach to real-world needs.

What we learned

Creating a great UX with appealing design takes time. A modular approach increases development speed, but at the same time causes a bigger effort to merge subsystems (e.g., frontend and backend).

What’s next for Dr. Law

In the future, the plan is to combine more data sources, add various individualization possibilities and focus on an even more intuitive user experience. The business model would be based on monthly subscriptions and can be scaled to other countries beyond Switzerland. – Dr. Law’s future is bright.

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