Dr. J Says is a match-making tool for food. It empowers kids to make healthier, more evidence-based choices about what to eat in a fun and engaging way! Our app scores meal combinations according to how well they comply with the USDA's Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005, and recommends the healthiest combinations to each user. The higher the HealthScore, the better a meal is for you! By using our software, kids can begin to learn about what constitutes a balanced, healthy meal. More importantly, they can start making better dietary choices today.  We believe that nutritional advice is most helpful when it's available to kids (and their parents) at the precise moment when they're trying to place an order. That's why we've developed a kiosk version of our tool for kids to use in a school cafeteria setting, as well as web and mobile versions that kids can use when eating out at restaurants and fast food chains.   Dr. J Says was first developed by a passionate team of physicians, dietitians, computer engineers, psychologists, and human-computer interaction designers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. With the help of a National Science Foundation research grant and a partnership with Sodexo Inc., we deployed a young adult-oriented version of our software at kiosks in the Georgia Tech cafeterias. Results from those deployment studies show that 75 percent of our 500+ participants accessed the personalized dining suggestions at least once, on average, per day. Furthermore, on average, the participants in the experimental group made statistically healthier dining choices than their control group peers, based on the HealthScore of the foods they ate. To learn more about Usable Health, the parent company of Dr. J Says, please visit us at: www.usablehealth.com


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