When Pedram mentioned the troubles his Aunt had with Canada’s tech savy culture, everyone in our group instantly related. Each of us had experience with a relative being unable to return an email or start a video call. This has an isolating effect on those relatives, especially when a person is a new immigrant to Canada as in the case of Pedram’s aunt. We think the internet

What it does

We have compiled a list of everyday tasks using the web, such as checking and sending emails, getting directions to a location, making video calls, etc. Based on their query, the user is directed to the right place on the web and guided throughout the process to achieve the desired task.

How I built it

This is an integration of an IBM Watson Assistant into a chrome extension. We programmed a Watson Assistant so that it could respond to requests about emails, voice-calls, and getting directions. The assistant pattern matches the requests and then assists by providing suggestions and helpful links to the user.

Challenges I ran into

It was a big challenge merging a Cloud based Watson Assistant into a Chrome Extension. Because of the many npm packages required to pull a chatbot off, it was very difficult to merge them all into a chrome extension.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was really neat using the Watson Assistant and seeing how much functionality could be obtained quickly. An accomplishment I was proud of was getting the assistant to ask prompt where the user wanted to go and provide a link to google maps with the response pre-filled. This functionality embodies is the ease of use we want this service to provide.

What I learned

We learned to work with JavaScript and assemble a Chrome extension. We also learned to build our own chatbot AI in Watson Assistant, and used the Watson API to connect it to the chrome interface functionality.

What's next for Dr. Internet

Support for more functionalities (cooking recipes, sales flyers, news and weather…) Even more help with emails. E.g. enter the email address, enter the text you want to send. Then our chatbot can pen the message in gmail for them.

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