According to the National Institute of Health, one in five Americans suffer from a mental illness. We took upon this statistic and strive to help individuals combat these disorders. After all, "mental health is preserved wealth."


From this experience we learned that every step makes a difference. Some challenges we faced during this process were effectively organizing our ideas and managing our time to create the final output. We overcame these challenges by setting rigid time deadlines to complete all of our tasks and collaborated to create a project that incorporates everyone's ideas.

Building the Project

We built this project using Java and a website maker to create a sample design of what the final platform would look like.

Future Implications

We are very dedicated to this cause and we hope to further implement this idea to a broader audience in the future. Though we are beginners in coding, we hope to be able to expand our knowledge in coding and use it for new projects that add on to this one.

Built With

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