Being from rural India, and having faced problem with the health system, we felt how can we improve and help implement the recently announced vaccine drive facilitated by our honourable Prime minister. Being Computer Science students we felt if we could come up with a solution which helps doctors keep track of patient, keeping their allergies into consideration while making a sure the vaccine is given to them or not would be really helpful.

What it does

Our website a basic bare-bones implementation to keep track of patients their allergies and to check whether the vaccine is given to them or not.

Dr Chrono Api's Used:

Authorization, Patient Summary List, Allergies List.

Tech Stack:

Vaccination count data we store in our custom Mongo database hosted in AWS, Backend is done using NodeJs, App is hosten in heroku Front end we use react and is hosted in netlify

What we learned

We learned a lot starting from our health care system to a lot about API and different frameworks

What's next for Dr Helper

We would like to get it tested and gain some initial user feedback

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