Fitness bands track your heart rate, but they do not take any action if anything is wrong. This makes them useless for people like heart disease patients who need them the most.

What it does

Dr Heart connects data to the appropriate people. Using Smooch and Slack, it notifies doctors, families, and emergency crew when the patients' hear rate falls out of the pre-determined upper and lower bound, and enables simple text communication.

How I built it

Using Microsoft Band's Android API, with Smooch chatting client integrated with Slack.

Challenges I ran into

Initializing Smooch API properly, connecting to the band, Android build versions, SharedPreferences in Android.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Simple solution for a potentially big problem.

What I learned

Building Android Application.

What's next for Dr Heart

  • Remote control for doctor
  • Accelerometer, barometer, step count integration to eliminate false detection
  • Online record database
  • Automatic emergency calls

Built With

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