Every Adult spends on average 12 working days at home because of some illnes. in ~16% of cases they have the flu. This means two working day are wasted mostly because someone did not wash their hands carefully enough after the toilet. This alone for Switzerland means a loss of 4'000'000'000.- Fr.

What it does

We predict based on weather data and google search statistics how dangerous it is in a given location a a given time.

How we built it

We have build a machine learning algorithm a website and a telegram bot which analyses and alarms consumers in more detail. In addition we constructed heatmaps and forecasts for the next week built on a serverless architecture and therefore very scalable. To complete the product we also offer a chatbot which can answer some questions.

Challenges we ran into

IBM cloud

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Amazing final product

What we learned

teamwork makes the dream work

What's next for Dr. Hazard

Market pentration and saving

Built With

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