We realised people our age are sometimes a little bit irresponsible when it comes to alcohol consumption and nightlife in general. We decided that we could build a virtual assistant that would help them recover when they feel sick. It also tries to make people acknowledge their acts (mainly when they wouldn't recall most of them).

What it does

It records people's locations and thoughts during a night out, in order to show it to them the morning after, while helping them wake up and establishing their physical well-being level.

How we built it

We started working with Dialogflow for our Natural Language Processing needs, writing in Javascript in order to make intents better. We then set up a Firebase real time Database to record all the data we needed to make Dr. Hangover work.

Challenges we ran into

JavaScript, mainly. It does strange things we don't understand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We almost managed to make it work! (Although JavaScript is even worse than what we thought).

What we learned

A lot of things about voice assistants. We had never coded in JavaScript before. We were pretty much newbies in this world and we have learned way more than what we expected.

What's next for Dr. Hangover

Getting a more complex system, with some API integrations. Using Machine Learning to make it work more accurately based on its experience with all of its users.

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