“Waman Ahyaha fa kaanama ahya al-nas jameean”. This inspired us trying to save thousands of lives during the mass gathering of Hajj. We believe that a lot of healthcare problems and associated financial losses are preventable and these also contribute to gaining “Thawab”. Asking Allah to accept our efforts for his sake.


What it does:

Our Solution is a comprehensive one that accompanies the journey of pilgrims starting from his home country till he returns back safely. Our solution is a simple code that relies on already existing open source software and third party APIs to solve many healthcare-related challenges.

Pilgrim, once registered at the local organizer/agency, he/ she undergoes medical checkup and vaccination in KSA-affiliated medical centers (e.g GMCA) where he/she opens their medical record on our standardized third party medical record service and submit their fingerprints to be linked with their medical record profile.

During the mass gathering in hajj, our solution will act as front-line healthcare providers to filter the load on the governmental healthcare resources and limit their intervention to only emergent critical cases.

When patient feels sick he/she firstly talks to medical bot (Artificial Intelligent doctor chat) to check symptoms and provide provisional diagnosis. If not sufficient, pilgrim can seek tele-medicine consultation with remote doctor (through texting, audio, or video) who speaks the same pilgrim’s language and thus breaking the language barrier. If still not sufficient, the pilgrim can seek assistance from nearby volunteer healthcare professionals who exist among the crowd.  And the later can seek the ambulance in case of critically ill cases using accurate GPS location.

If any causality reach the hospital without any identification papers or mobile phone, the hospital can retrieve his medical record info using his fingerprint.

Another feature in the solution enables the pilgrim find his mates/company/group members/friends who are pre- paired with him through Google-map routing


How we built it

We are existing startup named after "Pash7keem" and we have our code that was built with java for front-end with PHP - Laravel/MySQL back-end integrating third party APIs for Google-maps. We will slightly tweak it to fit our new business model, changing the UI/UX, integrating Medical record API, and AI-symptoms checker API

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of designing the new model that will have a big value and sustainable impact


What we learned



What's next for Dr. Hajj - M22



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