Our group's inspiration was trying to achieve equality in health care and help to eliminate primary healthcare deserts by providing easier access to basic diagnosis and care information.

What it does

The app utilizes Clarifai, a image recognition API to visually diagnosis skin conditions, allergic conditions, various bug bites, oral health conditions, and various other conditions. We’ve written an algorithm to diagnosis certain conditions with various percentages of confidence based on a photo that the user uploads and and their symptoms. The app then provides the user with at-home remedies, the nearest health care provider, and a link to an Amazon product that also treats the condition.

How We built it

We used React Native and Clarifai's image recognition API

Challenges We ran into

We wanted to use Clarifai and React Native to help with image recognition but no one on the team was familiar with it, so there was a steep learning curve.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Despite our small dataset, we were able to produce predictions on the users conditions using an API that the entire team was new to using

What We learned

We learned how to use Clarifai and React Native. We also learned the value in utilizing out teammates strengths, as we all came from different backgrounds and majors from different universities to mesh together as one cohesive unit!

What's next for Dr. Gram

We would love to expand the data set to be able to successfully diagnose more conditions.

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