Doctors are expected to fill out an application to spend their extremely valuable time helping people, only to not get a say in where or who they help. We fixed that.

What it does

Dr. Go allows doctors to fill out an application that then connects them to a list of 3rd world remote sites in which they can provide their expertise. The doctors get to choose where they go, giving them the full autonomy that they deserve. Dr. Go then connects the doctor to a flgiht which will promptly bring them to their desired location.

How we built it

We built the front end using Vue.js and flask. The back end is built on node.js and, again, flask. We utilized MongoDB for the applicant database, and American Airlines Mock Engine for fake flight information.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues with just about everything. Especially Vue.js. Never again, Vue....

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting something out there in the span of 12 hours (OMG that's so short!).

What we learned

We learned about Vue.js, serverless frameworks, international travel, and that Doctors Without Borders has an archaic system of location matching.

What's next for Dr. Go

Next, we plan on implementing machine learning to automatically match doctors to the perfect location. We also want to expand our collaboration with vollunteer based agencies to cover more countries, more regions, more needs. Collaborating with medical organizations locally to develop windows of time to see when their medical agents are available, creating an opt-in program for program advertisement.We also want to remove the selection of specialization for the form. Instead, we want to rely on the IDs from the medical qualification industry to create a wider base of matching in accordance with proper qualifications.

Finally, from an operational standpoint, not all flights have full capacity. For example, after the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico last year, many customers canceled their trips. But, major airlines could leverage this tragedy to fill these vacancies with humanitarian aid. Thus, creating excelent P.R. for the airline, and bringing operational benefits by not having to cancel flights.

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