I have seen many people with hidden talent in various fields but due to poor academics they couldn't fulfill their dreams and hence they are judged by society as poor minds and losers. That inspired me in making this web app which will give everyone the opportunity to show their skills

What it does

This is a game cum educational web application that will guide you and generate curiosity within you to learn more in a fun way. This is a very unique game and till now no competitors are there in the market. It can be played by everyone and no restrictions are there, even can be played by scientists and engineers. This game is for educational purposes and also can be used for inventions and discoveries. In this game, there will be various sections like mechanics, metallurgy, chemistry, DNA, cars, etc. Each category will have a list of materials and tools, equipment, and experimental gadgets. The player has to give a certain combination of steps in order to attain a particular final product. e.g. WASTE METAL + Furnance = SYNTHESISED PURE METAL . Each method will give an explanation of how it works and how is it efficient and what can be done to make it better. With each discovery of materials in-game you will be given some points with which you can buy tools for games, books in games, guide materials, etc. Suppose some scientist made a new idea or a student made a new combination then that particular idea will be sent to experts of that field and if that idea is feasible and better than currently available products/ new inventions than the idea will be developed with help of the student. he will be provided all the necessary equipment to build it and even gain name and fame and monetary prizes for his discovery. This will also help them in higher studies and decide what they should do in their career and life. People who can see the bigger picture can understand the importance of this game and utilize it fully. In addition to everything mentioned above, there will be a section to submit new ideas, requirements, research papers, etc. So in a way, it is helpful for everyone and inspires the younger generations to work on their dreams from an early age. This game provides a lot of benefits which are unspoken here.

How I built it

This idea was developed by me as a solo player and it is currently under construction. The only thing built till now is its functionality part.

Challenges I ran into

THE challenges I mainly faced are manpower and how to properly use all technologies which I am not aware of.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of my idea and the way it can bring a world wide revolutions amongst the young minds and the efforts I started to put into this project and developing this large scale project as a solo developer.

What I learned

I learned how to be self-dependent and work on a project or a piece of work even when you know nothing.

What's next for Dr.Genius

Dr.Genius is just a prototype of what I want to build and it just consists of around 30% of my whole project idea.

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