Lisa saw really cool hacks involving Google Homes before, and wanted to try it out. :)

We also really wanted to do an accessibility hack. We did some research on the barriers that existed when we started the hackathon. It was very apparent that lack of communication is one of the primary barriers to healthcare in North America. We wanted to address this issue because health care is a universal right, and the quality of our healthcare shouldn't be limited by any barriers.

What it does

It listens to the descriptions provided by medical professionals, translates them into common english, and provides the patient with a clean, organized report that is easily accessible and understandable.

We hope that this hack can make a difference for interactions between the elderly and immigrants, and their medical professionals.

How we built it

We built the speech recognition in the google assistant developer environment. Then, we created a database on firehost to post the results on. Upon the completion of a session, the details are uploaded online for the patient and medical professional to access and share.

Challenges I ran into

Neither of us knew how to work with Google Home/Google Assistant/DialogFlow technology, web development, or the Google Firehost environment. Lots of fun and learning...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of having started this project without any prior knowledge of the technologies we used. We're also proud of being able to create something new and cool that might help someone :)

What I learned

Always reach out for help. Shoutout to the mentors for being super awesome and so helpful!

What's next for Dr. Easy Too

Offer the report in multiple languages, to be able to address more barriers. We also plan on expanding the conversation functionality, allowing patients to understand more about their healthcare needs.

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