We were inspired by the lack of Alexa's capability to handle home emergencies that may arise in proximity of her.

What it does

Dr. Dot is a multi-platform suite of health and wellness tools that enhances life for anyone. It can give you peace of mind for the well-being of users family members and users caregivers. In many cases our suite will be used by a particular at risk individual was well as their family and caregivers.

How we built it

We built this full stack application using a multitude of technologies. On the backend we are using Flask and Flask-Ask to handle server requests and communicate with Amazon Alexa. Information specific to each user is stored in a MongoDB database. For the frontend we have developed a small web app built with Bootstrap and Angular.JS to communicate with the server and allow users to view results obtained from Alexa.

Challenges we ran into

The features we tried to implement into our suite, specifically the feature allowing for quick doctor lookup, used the IMO and BetterDoctor APIs. We had the most trouble trying to interface both into our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have integrated many different APIs and User interfaces with the same server, allowing us to bring relevant functionalities from all of the libraries together to have a working Alexa skill as well as helper web application.

What we learned

We learned how to use Amazon's Echo Dot in order to create Alexa skills as well as how to integrate various APIs with Alexa. We also learned how to bridge various gaps in between APIs such as IMO's and BetterDoctor's APIs.

What's next for Dr.Dot

We hope to not only contribute to this project ourselves, but also help other contributors create new Alexa skills and functionalities under our Dr.Dot open source suite, and have them fully integrated with our single server. We believe there is huge potential for health benefits for those who use our app as they will have easy access to medical professionals. We hope to provide and improve care for all of those who need it using this set of apps.

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