Type 2 diabetes patients and their family members, being diagnosed with Diabetes and undergoing treatment impose significant psychological, social, and economic stress on patients and their family. Patients often do not take their medication as instructed for various reasons. This can lead to serious problems. Lack of knowledge is another barrier in treatment. Patients sometimes do not fully understand the treatment, how to take their drugs.

What it does

The solution is to make use of personalized voice conversation to improve the Type 2 Diabetes patients medication adherence. The voice-activated speaker App has following features

  • reminds patients to take their medications and refill a prescription
  • answer questions about prescriptions
  • provide advice thru analysis the patient's adherence behavior

How I built it

The App will be developed with API.AI and Node.js as a google cloud function and published as a Google home App. As a cloud-based service, it can provide highly efficient and reliable service with low cost. The solution will be able to reach out to users with a voice-activated speaker like Google Home.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of feedback from real-world Diabetes patient.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The solution could help health care providers, as it will reduce the workload of healthcare works, so they can provide more services with the existing resources. The Type 2 diabetes patients are the most direct beneficiary group. The solution will help them to follow the treatment and access to medical advice via conversation.

What I learned

I have learned how to make full use of technology to improve the user experience.

What's next for Dr. Diabetes

The solution can be exposed to a chatbot App, via facebook or skype, so the user can access it via mobile phones or desktop computer. It can also be extended to a solution with two-way text messages, so it will be able to reach out to corners of developing countries, might be particularly useful in hard-to-reach areas, as most people have mobile phones and can send and receive a text message.

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