We are 4 developers with very different backgrounds who came together with a common objective in mind:"Educate people about the pandemic with facts in their language ". A lot of people who cannot read or write often fall prey to the mass misinformation and blindly believe everything that is said to them, this creates a hurdle in the community efforts in breaking the chain.

What our app does

Dr COVID is your Corona Oriented Vital Information and Details assistant, which can share facts derived from trusted sources to the users in both textual and audio format. We provide services like quizzes, Real time Covid dashboard and Helpline contact information through which the users can track the situation and educate themselves in the comfort of their houses.

How we built it

Through strong determination and team work.

Challenges we ran into and how we approached it*

We had a lot of challenges thrown at us at every turn in our development process, Lot of technologies we used were new to us and demanded us to spend hours learning it. We had lots of ideas, which we had to shortlist and carefully plan our actions since we are racing against time and all of us have to build the components separately at the same time coordinating with the team members simultaneously. We used Divide and Conquor technique effectively to evenly spread and make most of our time and finally here we are standing together as a team with our final submission, but we do intend to further develop it and make it better .... for the technical future ahead!

What we learnt

We as a team learnt that nothing is impossible when developers come together to make an impact.

What's next for Dr COVID

This is only small step against towards our objective "Correct and factual information for all " We are planning to expand beyond COVID and help even the illiterates know and understand their role in the community in breaking the chain. We want to provide many more medical services through our app on demand basis and at an affordable cost.

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