What it does

User will be able to design the shoe and by themselves and purchase the designed shoe.

How I built it

I made use of magento and canvas to make it happen

Challenges I ran into

Magento also provided the feature configurable product but doing so there are simple products to be generated for a single combination. If there are 20 such options with which user can create a design the probability of simple products with the 20 combinations will be lot for 1 configurable product. So we had to use a simple product. And created a configuration module to work with the simple product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The idea of configuration module was the accomplishment am proud of.

What I learned

I learnt making use of canvas. With jquery and rendering the required design

What's next for Dimond Heels.

Improvement in the module and getting better and better results.

Built With

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