Cancer is a major cause of death worldwide, accounting for 10 million deaths alone in 2020. Also, in 2020, an estimate of 2.77 billion mobile phone users, already had installed in their smartphones the top 10 messaging apps to communicate. This could increase the convenience and engagement with the user, since the users won't need to install a new App or create an account.


What it does

We train our virtual assistant based on the PROM questionaires from ICHOM, so we can collect data in a standard way. For this, we create the following conversational flow:

1- First, the user need to Login in the chatbot:

Alt text

2- Once the user is logged in, we ask them how they feel today and provide an answer based on their mood:

  • 😍Loved
  • 😰Anxious
  • 😢Depressed
  • 😐I'm Ok
  • 😃Happy
  • 😞Sad
  • 😎Great

Alt text

3- Now the user is ready to start filling the PROMs, by clicking an standard option from 1 to 4, where:

  • 1️⃣ not at all.
  • 2️⃣ a little.
  • 3️⃣ quite a bit.
  • 4️⃣ very much.

Alt text

4- Also the patients can express themselves and get cheer up by the bot! 🤖💚

Alt text

How we built it

We use the Telgram Bot API and train it by using NLP techniques, such as:

  • Classification Model,
  • Entities Extraction,
  • Identifying Intents,
  • Among others.

Finally, we train the models based on the PROMs questionaires from ICHOM:

Challenges we ran into

Time constrains to implement more channels, such as:

  • Web
  • WA
  • Messenger

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Test Bot Instructions:

- Start the conversation with the Bot in Telegram!
- Login User: ABC123 
- Password: Any
- Now select: How do you feel today?
- Now response the PROMs

What we learned

  • How technology can improve our life through our favorite technologies, and also that can provide us accurate health services through data collection and monitoring in real time.

What's next for Dr Bot

  • Implement the solution with the Roche Team.
  • Partnership with Psychologist, Doctors, and Mental Health Experts, many others.
  • Add voice commands to the bot.
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