Dr. Bee is a diabetes assistant. It is an application built for Google Assistant and will be available on Google Home, eligible Android phones, and iPhones.


Dr. Bee’s impact lies in solving two main issues that diabetic patients face:

Late diagnosis

Google Home is a shared device and is commonly used by all household members. One extremely relevant feature of Dr. Bee is to proceed to a diabetes screening test for family members, since having a diabetic patient in the family is already a risk factor.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a quarter of the U.S. population suffering from diabetes — some 8 million people — remain undiagnosed. In the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2017, the American Diabetes Association emphasizes the need for screening of pre-diabetes patients to prevent their progression to type 2 diabetes.

Low adherence

Low adherence to prescribed medical regimens is a ubiquitous problem. Typical adherence rates are about 50% for medications and are much lower for lifestyle prescriptions and other more behaviorally demanding regimens.
Dr. Bee encourages patients to attain their caregivers' determined goals of treatment, by linking their profile to a back-end console — a mobile application — provided to caregivers. Dr. Bee gives emotional support and advice specific to the goals determined through the console. Moreover, caregivers can access accurate data about their patients that has been submitted through the Google Assistant application.

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