A lack of decentralized and secure communications apps. Other secure communication services focus on the encryption. They do not verify the identity of the parties.

What it does

dPhone provides a secure way that all user calls are performed directly between users thanks to P2P architecture and blockchain encryption. By using Blockstack IDs, you know that the person you’re speaking with is who they say they are.

How I built it

Using Blockstack, Kotlin, and WebRTC

Challenges I ran into

Set up the WebRTC for the Android app and create an end-to-end encrypted signaling service powered by Blockstack

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All the development was faster than I expected

What I learned

Handle with Blockstack and WebRTC on Android

What's next for dPhone

  • Messaging
  • Groups
  • Video Calls
  • iOS
  • Web clients

Built With

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