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The first Decentralized password manager

What does 🔐DPassword do?

DPassword is a password managers that enables anyone to manage their password without trusting a backend or a service provider.

Why centralized storage is not Ideal? 🔑📄

When you use a password manager or any other vault app, you store your data on a specific location (local or private cloud) this have some critical problems. your important data is centralized, meaning that whoever controls the storage controls the content. The controller can change the content, completely replace it, or just prevent access. That makes your data vulnerable to attacks, exploitation, and loss.

This makes centralized storage [local or remote] not optimal for storing important data, each has it's downsides


Remote or Cloud: Denied access to data or data deletion because of billing issues or even policy changes or what ever the service provider says, You're completely reliant on who is holding your data

Local: Vulnerable to hacks, MITM attacks or just accidental data lose

What does 🔐DPassword do?

There is a gap in the market for a reliable, secure and easy to use password manager.

DPassword check the marks ✅ to be most secure digital vault... with features that doesn't exist on the typical password manager

With DPassword your data is:

  • Secure: and your master password never stored or transmitted.

  • Persistent: Stored on the IPFS and Filecoin Network to ensure it's availability.

  • Provable Ownership: Where you own your data the same way you own your FIL or bitcoin in your wallet, (wallet integration is coming soon).

  • Trustless: Does not require you to trust the password manager company to know your data is safe.

  • Open source: and open for anyone to study and analyze it's codebase.

What you can do with DPassword ? 🔐

Dassword manages your passwords across websites and apps while being secure and reliable You can store your credit cards, personal files, personal notes, and sensitive files

How it works ?

WE designed a specific flow of data to make sure the master password is only used for data encryption zero knowledge login authentication (SHA-3)

Data Access Component

CID locating

Uploading to IPFS

Retrieval from IPFS

The master password is never stored on your local storage or transmitted

Challenges we ran into 💪

Building a password manager with Zero knowledge proof and No Backend while enabling Synchronization across multiple devices was no easy task, we have build a similar app before for another hackathon however, this is a different architecture and a different problem to solve: How do you store password security with only the frontend to manage transactions with IPFS?

The solution: keep some sort of persistent state with a fixed address using IPNS system and completely redefine the login experience

We have only one rule we stick to (the user must own his data & we can't have access to it in any way). There is no trusted way to make sure all my data are unavailable for any cloud provider, but IPFS is completely decentralized and the data stored securely. we also struggled to find a fast IPFS service provider, but we found one in the end

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😄

We finished the app without breaking our rule, the data is double encrypted and the master password is never transferred


  • Trustless
  • Fast and secure
  • Runs on any modern browser on any device
  • Automated IPFS sync.
  • Save documents.
  • Save personal Notes.
  • Save credit cards.
  • Create Password records.
  • Generate password.
  • Auto fetch website icon.
  • Realtime item filtering.
  • Create a strong and unique password for each site.
  • Temporary local storage Encryption.
  • Strong encryption Base on AES256 & SHA-3.
  • SHA-1 based password authentication.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture.
  • Open Source Security and code transparency.

How it's built ? 👨‍💻

Web3: IPFS , Filecoin

Front-end : Angular 14

Mobile : Ionic 6 with Capacitor

How it implements IPFS & Filecoin ?

  • Web3.storage as a service, which uses the decentralized storage provided by the Filecoin ⨎ network, and rewards nodes based on storage.
  • Automatically replicate your data across a network of storage providers. and verify the integrity of your data, enabled by Filecoin’s cryptographic proof system.


Website: https://dpasswords.com

App: https://dpasswords.com/app/

FrontEnd repo: https://github.com/RoqayaMourad/Dpassword

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