It could be a tough job staying awake when you are tired or bored but also need to work on an important task at hand like an early morning class or a late-night shift. This is quite a common problem that all of us must have faced at least once. Your first instinct could be to get some coffee, but that may not always work for everyone and we need a more efficient but fun approach towards it.

Inspired by this, we built a goofy solution to help people deliberately keep themselves from dozing off while they need to work on something important.

What it does

Dozy-Beat has been built as a GUI App using Python. Once the user starts the application, it repeatedly checks whether the user is feeling drowsy. Upon determining that the user is likely to doze off, a loud rejuvenating background music is played instantly to wake them up, along with a humorous pop-up window to remind them of their task at hand.

How we built it

We used tkinter to build the Dozy-Beat Python GUI application. We made use of Haar Cascades pre-trained models on OpenCV for the user's face and eye detection.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Brainstorming a suitable idea, we spend some considerable amount of time for it.

  2. Virtual Collaboration.

  3. It was our first time trying out OpenCV and tkinter. So we did face some hurdles along the way, especially with debugging.

  4. Time constraint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we could built a goofy but functional project within the hackathon time period and also having been able to learn and try out something new this weekend. We take pride in having been able to do our best in trying to solve a common but significant problem.

What we learned

  1. Learned to use tkinter to build the python GUI application.

  2. Learned about OpenCV and how to use it with the Haar Cascades models for face and eye detection.

  3. Learned about the use of numpy.

What's next for Dozy-Beat

We're planning to provide some additional hardware modules to support the application, like a sort of vibration motor. We also plan to provide users the option of selecting custom music. Rewarding users for being consistent, giving words of encouragement etc. are also on the cards.

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