According to the CDC, a third of America does not get enough sleep every night. As students, we know how difficult it can be to fall asleep at night, even when we are exhausted. We wanted to create an app that would solve this problem.

What it does

Doz is a sleeping assistant application that utilizes different methods that incorporate different senses such as sight and hearing to induce sleep. Using methods that we researched, we were able to include things such as breathing exercises, ASMR videos, and white noise that help relieve anxiety and trigger other psychological cues that relax the body.

How we built it

We used android studio to turn our idea into an application.

Challenges we ran into

There were a lot of merge conflicts when pulling and pushing on git. These difficulties arose from nuances from android studio's local file management system, but we managed to resolve these issues. It was a matter of how well we didn't know android studio and the learning curve with that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel that the app is very polished and easy to use. It is very close to what we had in mind for our final project and is usable even in its current stage of development.

What we learned

We became comfortable with the android development process and using GitHub.

What's next for Doz

We'd like to include an API that utilizes an accelerometer to track sleeping patterns so that we can tell the user which graphics were most effective for him/her. Another API that we want to implement is facial recognition to check if the current graphic has affected the user at all or if the user has fallen asleep so that we can lock the phone for him/her.

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