"I'm addicted to my smart phone, I'm on it all the time!"

How many times have you heard or said those words?! How often do you play with your smart phone or take a 'quick' glance while you're talking to someone, or even worse, having a family get together!

True happiness lies in rewarding relationships, not material possessions. This is a classic easier said than done cliché - Downtime was developed with this in mind.

Downtime turns not touching or using your smart phone into a game, giving you an incentive to stay away! The app encourages not using your smart phone, putting it down, and NOT touching it. Downtime detects when you aren't touching or moving the smart phone and counts how long you can last.

Downtime counts how long you can go without touching, moving or simply doing anything with your smart phone. With leaderboards built into the app you can challenge friends and family to see how long they can truly go without using their smart phone.

Compare scores against the rest of the world and see how well you are doing! The app was developed to be as minimal and elegant as possible. The user interface is striking and uses flowing animations and vibrant colours. Downtime is a new, novel and unique idea in an otherwise crowded app market.

While the app was specifically designed for increasing interactions with friends and family, it can also be used to increase productivity and decrease mindless browsing and procrastination throughout the day!

Spending quality time with friends and family is a key ingredient to a happy and enjoyable life, so:

Put down your smart phone and start enjoying life around you!

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