It's still a new field, so it was easy to find what's missing. I just make what I want, that's it.

What it does

With Downloader SV, you can sell various data without being damaged by illegal download within your own WordPress. There are no terms of use or restrictions as you manage it yourself.

BSV is used for payment. Only when the payment has been made successfully will the data be available for download.

How I built it

PHP in collaboration with WordPress. Write on-chain using the Money Button.

Challenges I ran into

Load processing when many are installed on one page.

As a result of importing various data in consideration of future updates, the browser was overloaded.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Intuitive display (Simple display).

I made a design that does not break the original page layout. Because this is a part of the parts. I thought that the leading role should be the content of the user.

What I learned

OP_RETURN (Linkage with BICO and WOC)

What's next for Downloader SV for WordPress (Beta 1)

I planning two updates.

  • Mechanism that does not reload the page at runtime
  • Mechanism to reduce the use of cookies

And I developing a "Downloader SV" that is easier to use for users who are not using WordPress or who do not have web page technology.

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