The Moose, comprising only physicists, will be the first to admit it is one of the more unlikely finds at a hackathon. What draws this typically solitary deer-like species to such exotic events is an appreciation of the beauty that lies in making systems as efficient as possible. We know you will all moo in agreement that the satisfaction in knowing one has trotted to the best possible solution is one that can warm even the coldest of cervine hearts. It was only destiny then, for us to select a challenge based on optimisation for ourselves.

What it does

An accurate, object orientated model that allows the simulation of Eindhoven's fleet of public buses, combined with a clear and functional GUI lies at the heart of Moose's creation. Initial parameters could then be logically varied to find a solution that was as cheap as possible while still ensuring a reliable service.

How we built it

With dedicated teams for both frontend, back end and seamlessly merging the two, an unquenchable thirst for efficiency and a surprising amount of hoof dexterity.

Challenges we ran into

Everything was challenging, we can comfortably say we were out of our comfort zone for the entire process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Enrico - "winning the entirely deterministic prize for CTF" Toby - "Enrico it was a raffle" Dato - "exiting vim for the first time" Danny - "Eating an impressive amount of free hand soaps"

What we learned

"Don't pull until you've pushed"

What's next for Down to Bus-iness!

It was actually a really interesting optimisation problem with so many parameters and outputs. The next step would definitely be to use some form of deep learning to find a yet more optimal solution.

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